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          圣体育竞彩网学校从单一的学院信托改为多学院信托(垫)23RD 2016年八月的垫被评为丹麦教育信任。它是一家私营担保有限责任公司在英格兰和威尔士注册。注册号:07671949注册地址:Chenies路,Chorleywood,赫特福德郡WD3 6EW 

          目前,教育丹麦人信任有三所学校内的信任,中国体育竞彩网 上学,放学croxley丹麦人和校长的学校。所有的学校都有自己的学校董事会。 

          The Trust's members, trustees and our governors are a committed and talented group who bring a wealth of experience with which to support the school. Many have worked with St Clement Danes for a number of years, supporting us through huge changes, both in terms of the educational landscape and the buildings of the school itself.


          丹麦教育信托 - 管理信息




          Martin day dec 19 resized李柱铭天 (椅子)

          Mohan gharial莫汉先生恒河鳄 (副主席)

          Mohan, appointed as a co-opted governor in March 2012, has been involved with overseeing the significant school development and expansion, such as the new sixth form building and the move to multi- academy trust status. He currently chairs the Admissions Committee. He is also an active member of the school community, for example as a volunteer on 爱丁堡公爵 expeditions, as well as regularly supporting the great events organised by the Parents' Association and attending the outstanding productions put on by the students. (Lead Governor: 招生 & StandaRDs)                   

          Lynn oconnor dec 19MS林恩·奥康纳 

          Lynn, appointed as a Foundation Governor in September 2017 is a specialist organisational development practitioner with extensive HR experience. She is very keen to ensure that all students are encouraged to have high aspirations for their future careers. (Lead Governor: Careers)


          Nick edwaRDs先生尼克·爱德华兹

          Nick is an Old Dane who owns his own television lighting business and has continued to support the school in this field since he left. He has volunteered in a local sailing club and with the Teenage Cancer Trust. Interested in supporting Health & Safety and estate management, he has a clear commitment to ‘giving something back’ to the school. (Lead governor: Estates Management and Health & Safety)

          Palak shah太太PALAK沙阿

          Approached through ‘Inspiring 治理’ website, Palak is an HR manager working for a national construction company with an MA in HR Management and some CIPD certification. She is experienced in legal and financial matters. Palak’s first degree is a Bachelor of Commerce (accounts degree) from Gujarat University, India. (Lead governor: Governor skills & CPD)

          Camilla haggith khonjeMS担架哈及-Khonje

          Steve clarke 300dpi先生史蒂夫·克拉克


          Aideen waRD夫人病房艾迪恩 

          Aideen worked as an in-house lawyer in the pharmaceutical industry for over 20 years. She is committed to working with teachers, governors, parents and students to help achieve the school’s goals and objectives and to continuously improve in today’s challenging environment. Professional and pragmatic, she believes that working collaboratively within diverse teams is key to ongoing success. (Lead governor: Wellbeing & Behaviour)                    

          Scott kemp斯科特·坎普博士 


          Karen ingleby卡伦夫人ingleby


          Debbie harvey夫人黛博拉·哈维

          黛比支持人员被任命为省长在2017年和 is the assessment and exams manager. Debbie has 20 years' experience as a governor at a primary school in WatfoRD and has previously worked as a research scientist, a personal assistant to a charity regional director and various administrative roles in the private and state sector of secondary and higher education. (Lead governor: LGB effectiveness)


          Toby sutherland托比先生萨瑟兰

          托比在2017年已被副组长参加中国体育竞彩网 在另一所学校的年二次赫特福德郡数。我被任命为校长在2018年一月,接替约瑟芬情人节博士谁离开,成为丹麦的教育信任的全职CEO。 


          RichaRD carey理查德先生凯里MBE

          理查德与学校长协,是中国体育竞彩网 霍尔本地产慈善事业,为此,工作已经收到了MBE在2002年体育竞彩网年级,数学和在校艺术块后,他的名字命名的椅子。 

          要联系州长的椅子,请发送电子邮件至: governors@stclementdanes.herts.sch.uk 



          治理 日期  
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